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JSVN - A Java Subversion Client  
JSVN was released as an open source project on 01/14/2003. It is licensed under the Academic Free License version 1.2

The goal of JSVN is to develop a Java Swing client to access and manipulate a Subversion repository. JSVN is currently under active development. JSVN is nearly "feature-complete" and is very functional in its present state.

As of release 0.6, JSVN has begun implementing several Ant tasks to provide repository access from within Ant scripts. Additionally, a plugin to integrate JSVN with IntelliJ's IDEA is under development.

Here is the obligatory JSVN screenshot:

JSVN thumbnail

You can find a screenshot of the working JSVN plugin here.

You can browse the latest source online here.

You can download a tarball of the source for release 0.8 here.

You can download the jar file for release 0.8 from here.

JSVN requires that you have the Subversion client installed on your local machine.

You can launch JSVN by running the command:

java -jar jsvn-0.8.jar

To point JSVN to an existing working copy, choose Set from the Working Copy menu.

Alternatively, you can checkout a copy of JSVN to your local machine by choosing Checkout from the Working Copy menu, entering in the dialog's URL field and choosing a local directory for the working copy in the Working Copy field. Leave the Username, Password, and Confirm fields blank.

Currently implemented in JSVN:
  • Ability to connect to a remote Subversion repository
  • Simple abstraction of Subversion commands
  • Most Subversion commands are fully implemented (checkout, status, log, info, update, diff, commit, etc.)
  • All Subversion commands have been stubbed-out
  • Ability to run commands requiring authentication by the Subversion server
  • Modeling the Subversion repository for use by JTree component

Items still needing implementation before release 1.0:

  • Full support of the Subversion command set
  • Complete set of dialogs to allow complex command options to be selected by the user
  • Installation & user documentation

Get Involved  
Subversion is a very promising revision control system, however GUI clients are needed. The portable nature of Java makes JSVN seem like the logical choice.

JSVN was developed out of need, and open-sourced to help see it through to completion. My hope is that, by working together, we can guarantee that JSVN is completed and available for free use on any platform by anybody.

There are several areas in which you can contribute:

  • Java development, especially in the UI
  • Planning and coordinating
  • Documentation
  • Testing

If you would like to get involved in the JSVN project, please subscribe to the JSVN mailing list (low traffic) and state your area(s) of interest.

If you would like to track development changes in the JSVN project, please subscribe to the developer JSVN Developer mailing list (low traffic).

Reporting Problems & Suggestions  
If you encounter any problems while running JSVN, please report them using JSVN's bug tracking system.

If you would like to make any suggestions for new features or raise any other issues, please report them to the JSVN mailing list.


*Listed in chronological order of first contribution.

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